The Wizard of Odds

Wizard of Odds first began back in 1997 as an alternative source to gambling information, as back then – there was only a handful of trustworthy sites providing any real insight into the world of online gambling.

Initially, the site was referred to as “Mike's Gambling Page” but before long it had catapulted into the limelight as the Wizard of Odds, one of the internet's top resources for new casino sites and a hub of information on casino games, bonuses and guides that are still relevant to this day.

About the owner

Mike Shackleford, Las Vegas

Mike Shackleford is a gambling enthusiast born in 1965 and went on to graduate from the University of California in 1988 with a degree in both economics and maths. He then got a job in the Social Security Administration, working for the US government for 2 years, before turning his attention to online gambling. He then used his outstanding expertise in maths and fondness of writing to create Wizardofodds – a safe place for online gamblers seeking to expand their knowledge of casino games and learn new strategies to use in real time.

What does Wizard Of Odds provide?

Mike's academic achievements speak for themselves and he writes everything you see on his site. Over the years, Michael has had some fairly high-profile endevours that have led him to the Las Vegas strip in 2002. There he conducted an experiment on the RTP of casino slot machines to determine how fair they were. He's also appeared on television programs where he's shared his industry knowledge as well of the ‘do's and don'ts' when playing at a new casino.

Wizard of Odds Homepage

If you're looking to try some new games out you've not played before, Wizard of Odds have a free play option for Blackjack, Texas Hold'em, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Mississippi Stud and plenty more.

You can improve your gambling skills by tuning into podcasts the Wizard has featured in. Mike regularly features as a guest on radio shows where he goes into a lot of details of his findings over the years.

In case you've got a bit more free time and want some comprehensive gambling tutorials, you check out their list of gambling videos where Mike goes into a lot of depth on the subject.

Ask the Wizard

If you've got some questions directly for the man himself, there is an actively monitored forum where you can reach out to Mike. For anyone who loves trawling casino knowledge or gambling opinions, this is a goldmine of information with some responses dating back as far as 2000.