Top New Games for December 2020

The great thing about having a love for slots is the fact that there are so many, and there will constantly be so many options for you to discover along the road of your gambling journey. Yet things can get repetitive sometimes, but all you need to do is set out to discover more and find some inspiration to add to your gameplay. This is where we come in (in the nick of time might we add), and speed things up again for you this January.

Yes, throughout 2020 there were games constantly being added to new online slot sites, and picking the ones that deserve your absolute attention is sometimes tricky. But, don't worry, we have you covered there-we promise. Check out our top choices for the past entire year. The make or break kind of games that are missing from your life.

Tiki Terror

This slot game is a worthy candidate for top selections, we assure you. This mystical slot is one that provides you a traditional set-up for a slot machine, but the actual storyline and theme is far from traditional, well give you that.

Your reels will be filled with dark symbols that the entire game orbits around, and you will have over 50 paylines that are above the usual video slot set-up of 25 pay lines. Within this game, there is a sticky wilds feature that will allow you to reap the benefits that a wild brings-but for much, much longer!

The feature will also activate multipliers on your reel which will immediately bring some winning chaos and excitement to your screen. If you happen to see more than 5 multipliers, know that you will trigger a bonus feature and round, that will trigger a cashback bonus to your game, for cash that you may have lost previously as you played. Use this as an incentive to get even. Players will find that up to half of their losses can be returned, meaning it is a 50% bonus feature.

Football Glory

Look out football fans, of course, we would not let you down this year, by not including a football game to keep you busy in the new year. This game is brought to you by the legends Yggdrasil, and we, personally, feel that these pioneers have chosen a perfect time to release this. With the chaos of what the world is going through right now and the disruptions to the sporting calendar, you could call this a way of re-kindling the sporting spirits globally. Yes, it is no Champions League that is for sure, however, the elements of this game certainly are superior to other football games that you may come across.

The wild symbol within this game will give you a chance of triggering winning combinations, as when one wild symbol follows, the more multipliers will come and score some money scoring wins for you. That relationship is very consistent, so keep an eye out for those goodies in your reels. In addition to this, if you happen to land a Gold Cup bonus symbol, you will find yourself with a cluster of free spins to use within your game. Free spins will allow you to try some spins without costing you a dime-so make that strike count!

1 Million Megaways BC

When you hear the term Megaways within the gambling community, there is always a string of excitement from everyone that is involved. Why? Because Megaways slots have a reputation for giving you thousands of ways to win. From just a small reeled game. This game in particular, gives players over 1 million ways to win, which is far more than the usual Megaways games that usually provide 117,649 ways to win. That is definitely a really huge jump!

This game is supposedly set in the Palaeolithic times, when mammoths were present and sabre-tooth tigers were known to exist. This game obviously uses all the legendary mammals from this period of time-including cavemen and women! Your aim within the game is to try and survive the effects of the ice age, alongside tackling the threat of the carnivore creatures that lurk in the shadows. Survival never meant anything more than now, and if you prevail, there is a possible 1500 times your stake winnings. Only if you are lucky of course.

Sun of Ra

Ancient Egyptian slots is a genre that players generally tend to go wild over. Why? Because the game gives you the chance of earning treasures beyond your vivid imagination. This slot is based on the god Ra, hence the slot title name of course. Each time you spin that reel, the powers of the god are utilised by yourself, in aid of granting you some seriously rewarding winnings.

Whenever you play a slot, it is important to know of the bonus features that are integrated into the game. There is a high jackpot that you can be sure to gain, just if you land the rare 2 symbol combination of Ra himself. Call it the unveiling of the god himself, or whatever you like. This win can provide you with a 6-figure win when you least happen to expect it. Obviously, there are other ways too, to land that win, through bonus symbols. This game boasts a feature called ‘Sunlight Spins’, which allows players to use the powers of the sun god, and activate wilds and multipliers simultaneously within your reel. You could walk away with the blessings of the god himself-just like that.

Dog House Megaways

The final slot game on this list is another Megaways. This game ended the year as a very popular choice indeed. Why? Because what is cuter than the combination of the most loved animal-dogs? You are able to live your puppy love reality, with a click of your fingers, but also combine that love for a chance of gaining 1 way of winning out of the 117,649 ways in total.

There are sticky wilds, raining wilds, and a winning streak of multipliers that can all occur within your reel. With that, you will have the chance of getting a maximum of 12,305 times your original stake. The higher you bet, the more you can expect. Puppies never seemed cuter than this, right?

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