Top Anime Shows about Gambling

Anime is a much loved and watched form of entertainment. So popular in fact that almost 4% of the world's population watch some form of Anime regularly. From the epic ‘Bleach' to the classic ‘Dragon Ball' series, There are absolutely tonnes of great Anime TV series for you to feast your eyes on. For you, one of our lovely punters who like playing on the latest casinos, we're going to go into the best gambling anime shows you can watch out there, to get you in the mood for some playing on a new slot site whilst enjoying a (most likely) over the top Japanese storyline.

So sit back and enjoy this list of the top anime about gambling.

What is Anime?

Anime is a huge Japanese cultural phenomenon that has since spread all over the world. Some of the shows you watch will absolutely hook you in, no matter what story you watch. From the comedy of One Punch Man to the ninja epic of Naruto, you'll be engrossed in not just the striking visuals but the fascinating storylines and unforgettable characters.

The roots of Anime can be traced all the way back to the 19th century, with its roots being formed in a lantern show known as ‘Utushi-e' which translates roughly to magic lanterns. They used these lanterns to create the illusion of images that were moving – hence the magic part!

The first featured movie – Momotarō: Umi no Shinpei – actually came out in 1945. The style of animation picked up in popularity after this with the creation of two huge animation studios, Toei Animation and Mushi Production. These two paved the way for future studios and are seen as the founding fathers of modern-day Animes. 

The fact that Anime films aren't confined to one certain genre means there are loads of different series and films in a wide range of genres. You've got scary horror anime, huge epic anime, detective anime and everything in between. Just last year in 2019, the industry was worth a whopping $19 billion!

To date, there's over 11,000 different series catalogued – with some of them spanning hundreds of episodes!

List of the Best Gambling Animes

So let's break into the top 5 gambling animes you can watch:

5 – One Outs

One outs

Coming in at the number 5 spot is One Outs. Fusing gambling with sports in a fresh and exciting way, the manga version of this series ran for quite a while – 1998 all the way until 2006 and in 2008 it was recommissioned for an anime. 

Coming in with 25 episodes, the plot centres around Toua Tokuchi, a master gambler who has mastered the sport of One Outs, which is a streamlined version of baseball. The team who's bottom of the league – The Lycaons decide to recruit Toua, with his contract being an unusual based around gambling and placing bets… on himself.

Definitely one of the types who love watching sports, the gambling wit, humour and smarts of Tuoa Tokuchi is sure to leave an impression on any punter!

4 – Legendary Gambler Tetsuya

legendary Gambler Tetsuya

As the title suggests… this series is 20 episodes about the legendary gambler Tetsuya. Based around a master gambler and his student, we follow the titular Tetsuya who's a skilled gambler in Mah Jong in the period just after World War 2. Whilst some of the other animes are based on the skill of the gamblers… Tetsuya will happily cheat his way to victory any day of the week – he even states that it's only cheating if you get caught!

Legendary Gambler Tetsuya in the anime is based upon the real-life story of a gambler named Akehiro Irokawa, and it's this grainy attention to realism that adds to this Anime. Whilst some elements of the story have obviously been embellished, it has a great human appeal to it that you don't find in some of the fantasy Animes.

3 – Akagi


With only 12 episodes in the series, this is one of the shorter Anime series on our list. Set yet again just after World War 2, Akagi is a tale about a young teenager – 13-year-old Shigeru Akagi – who uses his Mah Jong skills to face down the Yakuza.

After saving a mans life with his newfound Mah Jong skills, Akagi has to compete in numerous exciting, high stakes games throughout the series. This is an epic story from start to finish, showing the rise of one man from a lowly street dweller to a revered and esteemed gambler in his own right. 

2 – Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler

Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler

Taking an extremely interesting concept, Kakaegurui Compulsive Gambler is probably the most on-point anime about gambling you can find. Based on a manga of the same name, this series is set in Hyakkaou private academy. But these students aren't judged on their writing or skills with arithmetic… They're judged by their gambling skills. 

Kakegurui is a rather cut-throat tale – the students of the academy bring their own money to gamble and are made to play games against other students. The social ranking of the school is depicted by the losers becoming the ‘house pets' of the star gamblers. 

Enter our main character of the Kakegurui anime, Yumeko. She hasn't joined the academy to gain social status or even for monetary gains – shes a compulsive gambler. Getting her thrills risking big, the other members and even the staff start to realise they have a potential threat and come up with schemes to stop her.

Kakegurui Compulsive Gambler is a great anime and the 12 episodes over two seasons that have been released so far will keep you hooked. If you;re after this gambling anime, Netflix is the place to go.

1 – Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor

This is often seen as one of the absolute best animes going. Being published way back in 1996, Kaiji: Ultimate Survivor lively manga was converted to a tv series that was commissioned in 2007 and even a live-action film in 2009 with a sequel in 2011. There's also an extra 6 omnibus manga released in America in 2019.

The main character, kaiji, has some problems in his life. He sought a new life and a fresh start by moving to Tokyo but didn't have much luck there. He ends up getting tricked by a friend into paying off their debt to the Yakuza, which results on him boarding an illegal gambling cruise ship – culminating in a life-changing outcome for Kaiji. 

Full of high stakes games and non-stop tense action, you'll soon see why this anime has garnered the reputation it has and why it's spawned 2 films. The character of Kaiji has little human quirks that help make him believable add to his inspirational story. When it comes to shows about having a gamble, anime like Kaiji are the absolute best you can watch!

Other Great Gambling Animes

These aren't the only gambling animes out there – just what we view as the best ones. There are some absolutely great animes out there with just a hint of gambling in them. Other animes with an element of gambling include:

Rio: Rainbow Gate

Actually based in a casino, Rio is one of the casino dealers who happens to bring great luck to any punters around her. She gets the nickname ‘The Goddess of Victory', She sets out on a quest to gather 13 cards which will help seal her name as the most valuable casino dealer and win the favour of her mother.

Packed full of comedy, thrilling casino dealer battles and light-hearted moments, this is an easy watch in the background if you fancy a break from the more serious anime series on this list.


A gritty anime which hones in on the realities of illegal gambling and it's after-effects. In the games in this universe, maniacal gamblers will bet everything – including their lives. A neutral organisation has been created to referee these bets, known as Kagerou. 

The main character is Usogui, which stands for lie eater, gambles with these insane punters in games for their lives in a bid to take over the Kagerou himself. Whilst there's only one episode is only 40 minutes long and will leave you wanting more, you can follow it up with the gambling manga volumes. 


Another light-hearted romp, Saki is about a school child named Saki who hates Mah Jong due to an incident in her childhood. After being dragged to the Mah Jong club by her friend, the president of the club notices Saki has a great talent for the game through her unusual style of playing and gives her a test to gauge her ability, which Saki passes with flying colours. So the next test – can her club win the nationals?

Thus begins a great tale of the clubs' journey to winning the nationals, full of ups and downs, this is an easy watch and will leave you with a smile on your face.

Mudazumo Naki Kaikaku: The Legend of Koizumi

Probably the most bizarre and out-there concept in our list of animes and more like something of a comedy skit – here we have every prominent person in power in the world at the time – Jim Jong, George Bush, Vladamir Putin and more – playing high-risk Mah Jong. These games for huge stakes are how they sort out the world's politics, with the games being tense and full of funny quips.

Coming in at only 3 episodes of 8 minutes each – 24 minutes in total – each episode is rich in political satire and has great attention to detail.

Gambling Anime – There's more than just gambling

Whilst most of the series we mentioned are all about gambling and Mah Jong, it's mostly featured as something to do with the culture in the series or is just a feature of the series and isn't the main focus. Mah Jong itself has been a very important part of the Japanese culture and has been since the end of World War 2. Many Japanese citizens actually had to turn to the seedy illegal underbelly of Mah Jong.

The animes help tell this story along with the interesting and complicated lives of the main protagonists. And it's not just in the animes we list here – there are thousands and thousands of hours of different animes for you to watch out there!

Best Gambling Anime FAQ'S

What is a gambling anime?

An anime is a computer-generated or hand-drawn animation that originates in Japan. There is a vast range of themes and genres within the anime bracket, from fantasy to gritty real life and everything in between. Gambling animes are any anime that features an element of gambling in the storyline.

Are there other animes that involve gambling?

Whilst we've listed some of the best ones out there, based on ratings from IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes, there is plenty more for you to watch!

Where are animes about gambling most popular?

Whilst it's origins are in Japan, you'll be surprised to know that it's actually most popular in America, Europe and Australia. With the advancements in technology and companies now being able to stream shows anywhere in the world the popularity of anime has shot up substantially.

Are there films with anime gambling?

You bet! You can find not just live-action movie versions of your favourite animes with gambling, but also live-action tv programmes of the most popular ones. In fact, an anime on our list – Kakegurui – actually has two live-action film adaptations.

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