The New Era of Licensed and Branded Slots

There’s no doubt about it – slots based around brands, movies, music genres and TV shows are widely popular within the gambling community. The reason for this can be explained by how much value they actually bring to the gaming platforms that we play. Many players often find that when they play a branded slot based on an interest that they share and they resonate so much more to it then perhaps a new slot game that’s purely created from the vivid imaginations of the casino software providers.

Not only do they resonate with these players more and often become quickly liked by players, you’ll find that they tend to be so easily marketed by slot developers, as there is a heavy interest already around the games in question. Slot developers will also base their launch of the games very cleverly around periods where marketing coverage of these brands are often in full swing and momentum. Finding a niche that players can relate to is a highly important factor for slot game concepts. Brands like Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech (huge branded slot creators), know what makes players tick and for that reason, they really have responded and performed to the best interests of the players at hand.

The first branded slots came to be within the land based casino environment, way before online slots were an actual thing. Of course, when limiting gameplay to land based casinos, marketing advances are much harder and less effective. There will still need to be a degree of advertising to let players know that the games are available in any said casino. However, now that the online slots sites are pretty much how slot players like to go about their gaming passions, developers can pretty much let the digital world take over when it comes to showcasing their games. Many of the best games will be found across multiple sites in the market, meaning slot developers do not need to direct their audience to just one location or platform.

Branded slots at the beginning of their conception, never really had a high RTP payout, in comparison to other slot games within a land based casino. Now though, things are very different, branded slot games today have been optimised and tweaked to give you some of the best paying slot machines out there in the industry. Many of the slot games found at new casinos nowadays based on brands will begin at around or 96%, which is considered very reasonable for an online slot game.

Why are they liked so much?

The reason as to why they're so liked in the gambling community is the unique quality and attributes they bring to your gaming experience. Many of the slot themes evolve around special and unique symbols which make your interaction with the game all the more interesting and fun. When a slot game is based on your favourite movie, band or celebrity, you'll find that your connection with the game will be of far greater sentimental value, the game will mean something to you and you won't bore or tire of it so easily!

When a casino develops their games solely around the gamers interest and core values, players will also remain loyal to that casino software developer. Essentially, they have made a bond and a significant impact with the online casino players and it guarantees that they will always keep coming back and not put the slot game to the side to rust, like so many others out there.

Yes, this process costs the developers quite a bit more money, as they'll need to officially have permission to license the game, but it's never been proven not to work and lead to instant hits. The slot developers will always make back their money through this branding process, as the exponential reach and engagement is far greater than one slot game that does not have the brand backing it. Therefore, you can expect a profit basis in the millions for a branded slot game, whereas a slot game that is purely manufactured via the slot developer with no existing theme, will obviously provide interest and profit rather slowly; sometimes it never even picks up at all.

How do branded slots get the right engagement?

This answer purely lies with the style of the games and how they target their audience. For example, an online community will always be based on players older than the age of 18. For that reason, slot developers always know that their themes must appeal at least to the age dynamic of 18 year olds. With so many different age demographics that play on online casinos, creating games to appeal to each demographic and market is essential. For that reason, slot developers will always take this into account and create more slot games frequently – usually around one for every two months that their game releases drop. Providing various options will guarantee that they are targeting all the right engagement at once!

Everything from the music, to the storylines and graphics, are setting standards for different markets in slot gambling. Therefore, by exploring many options, it's very logical that they'll touch upon more likes and interests.

Are branded slots getting the most attention in the gambling community?

This of course is an immediate yes! The reason being is that time and time again, the statistics shown by the big casino software establishments of the casino world, indicate that there is a greater response and interest from these games. Games such as Games of Thrones, circulated such large intrigue and player attention, that hundreds of thousands of players actually checked out the game from Microgaming upon its release. This same pattern is presented through all the game metrics published i.e. Jurassic Park, Batman Begins, Superman etc.

Land based casinos verses online branded slot games

Believe it or not, land based casinos are very much catching up with the online slot community games. Many branded slots now, will be created with extended license to appear within real life casino facilities too. The reason for this is many players (particularly of the higher age demographic) prefer to play naturally within traditional casinos and it is not fair for them to miss out on all the latest slot games that come to life, right? For that reason, this idea is really being pushed by iGaming developers, making sure that no rock is left unturned, and everyone will have access to the best casino games possible out there.

Branded slots bring more fun to players!

It's true! Branded slots, really do bring a larger dynamic of fun. You'll be able to explore more for your money, in terms of game themes and options. Many branded slots will always include bonus game features added on top of the slot game experience, meaning you can really connect to the game and its theme, from a whole other level.

Imagine the suspense gained from a branded slot that players know there is an actual sequel to? You are sealing the deal of long-term committed players, as they will wait for any sequel slots to follow, just as the TV series or Movie did for example. Definitely a very clever initiative if we may say so ourselves.


If you're looking for an adventure in your online gambling adventure, we can tell you that playing branded slots will suffice that urge and need for it. Branded slots not only bring to you an incentive to play, from a more personal level, they bring to life and continue your passion and bond with any said TV show, movie or musical band. When all the fun and excitement of those have ended, the branded slots are there to rekindle your love and connection for them. Also, the best thing yet about these, is the fact you can actually earn some real money cash winnings in the process too! There is nothing that can really beat it in our opinion. With so many movie culture options out there waiting for you in casino gaming portfolios, there should be nothing stopping you at all. Take our word for it.

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