The Best Slot Machines With Bonus Games

One of the greatest features of playing on slots at a new UK casino (apart from the chance to win big!) is the fact you can play on slots with extra bonus games. These slot games with bonus rounds & bonus games add a whole new level of entertainment to an online casino for slot lovers – there isn't much out there like managing to trigger a slots bonus games on an all new slot site!

There are absolutely tonnes of variety in the slot bonus rounds you can get – ranging from crazy, theme related bonus rounds on new games, to plenty of free extra spins and even pick and match mini games. But, whilst there are plenty of online slot machine bonus games for you to play, you need to cut the wheat from the chaff – and that's where we come in.

We've collated a guide showing you the very best and most entertaining bonus online slots with a bonus game aswell as a handy guide on what the best slot bonus games are, how to find free online slots bonuses and what makes a good one. Read on.

What Are Bonus Games And Bonus Rounds?

A slot with bonus rounds & bonus games is all the rage at the minute with more opping up as new games are created- so what are they exactly? A bonus round or feature is an extra ‘mini bonus game' in online slots that you find at an online casino. They're commonly triggered when you manage to hit a certain group of symbols – usually three scatter symbols or 2 or more of another symbol. Some slots with bonuses will actually have the bonus game trigger at random, adding a little spice to the game. These can be found both on free online slots and paid slots.

The Best Online Slots Bonuses You Can Get In Slots With Bonus Rounds:

Free Spins Bonus: Slots with bonus spins wil probably the most common you'll find. This simply gives you a certain number of free extra spins with your stake staying the same. You'll keep any winnings from these spins and you won't lose any of your money whilst the bonus spins round is in place.

Re-Spins: Any online slots with bonus game features like this are going to give you another spin on the slot machine, at whatever stake you placed for free. The game will often keep any symbols you've got in place aswell, giving you more chance to win!

Picking Bonus: Sometimes known as a ‘pick me' online slots bonus, in this mini game you'll have a selection of things to pick from, usually related to the theme of the casino. Picking right can result in you winning prizes or a free spins bonus.

Instant Win: Slot machines with this round do exactly what it says on the tin. Casino games with bonus rounds that have this give you a straight cash prize instantly when you hit it.

Extra Wilds: This bonus feature will cause new wild symbols and extra wild symbols will make their way onto the slots, helping you to make more winning combinations – one of those great bonuses you should look out for.

A Pathway Game: These types of slots bonuses have you making your way through a series of mini games on your slot journey, resulting in big wins. This type of bonus game is prominent on Jackpot slots.

What Makes The Best Slot Bonuses?

Online slots with bonus features are some of the most popular and widely played casino games, so online casinos will often offer a huge range of slots with bonus games – frequently in the hundreds!

But how do you ascertain what actually makes good casino bonus games? Well, here are the things we suggest you look for in slot machines with a bonus game when playing online:

Frequency of triggering: You could take the absolute best slot game on the planet, with the absolute greatest bonus game around… but if you can only get it in one out of every 60,000 spins – then you're out of luck! This is what we mean we talk about trigger rate – you want to be playing on online slot games with bonus features you can hit frequently.

Potential payout: Now we get to the payout of a slot game bonus. A bonus may just give you double the winnings, where as the best bonus rounds will multiply your winnings by a huge amount and give you the chance to win real money- like a progressive jackpot!

The Entertainment factor: One of the main reasons slots even include these games is for the fun factor. The bonus rounds & bonus features add a bit of fun to the game, change up the pace and often have a strong tie in to the theme of the slot itself.

Playing Online Slot Games With Bonuses Vs Regular Slots

There are slots out there without any bonuses. This can often be found with the classic slot category, where you can find games like fruit machines and one armed bandits which like to keep things simple and to the bare basics. Other online slots which don't have bonuses often have a really good chance at winning with no bonus needed.

Here at NewCasinosUK, we feel that these slots games with bonus features add a whole new level of excitement and fun to the games, with the added bonus of having a chance to win!

Top 10 Online Slots With Bonus Games

So, we're finally to the list of the top casino slots with bonus rounds. Our list features the best bonus slots with varying themes, sound effects, graphics, real money high jackpots and more.

[su_list icon_color=”#33e7e8″]

  • 10. Rocky (Special ‘Knockout' Bonus Game)
  • 9. Planet of the Apes (Unique Dual Reel Game Mode)
  • 8. The Invisible Man (Walking Wilds)
  • 7. Jurassic Park (T-Rex Wilds & Velociraptor Multipliers)
  • 6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Quest for Camalot Bonus Game)
  • 5. Hot as Hades (Quest for the Crystal Helm)
  • 4. Guns n' Roses (Choice of 3 Exciting Bonus Games)
  • 3. Pink Panther (Progressive Bonus Rounds)
  • 2. Family Guy (Random Family Member Bonus)
  • 1. Mega Moolah (Huge Progressive Jackpot Bonuses)


10. Rocky

This branded slot game with bonus features that slots players will love from Playtech opens the procession, being based on the legendary movie of the same name. One of the stand out features of this slot is an authetically licenced bonus game. The slot itself features 5 reels and has a whopping 3 bonuses.

The ROCKY bonus features pays out 5x your total stake from that spin, and is triggered when you spell out the titular protagonists name, Rocky, on the 5 reels. You also have access to a free games bonus of either 15 free games, 20 free games or even 25 free games when you land 3-5 scatter symbols.

But it's the ‘Knockout' bonus which has the big draw. When you manage to land the boxing glove symbols on reels 1 and 5, you get to pick an opponent to take on from the Rocky films – either Ivan Drago, Clubber Lang or Apollo Creed. Once you've picked an opponent, you get to see actual footage of that fight from the films and you get a real money cash prize for each round that Rocky wins!

9. Planet of the Apes

These doual 5 reel slot machines are from casino software giants NetEnt, and again are based on the film. The bonus game and features really help bring bring the spirit of the film to life, adding thrill and big win. The slot game itself has 2 sets of reels, with each reel being based on one of the frist 2 movies on the series – rise and dawn.

Each of the reels has it's own special symbols and features, But they both award wins for every human and ape symbol that appears on the reels. They also include extra spins bonuses and and you've got enhanced wilds here. On top of all this, you've even got an extra 2 random bonus features, making for a great game laden with bonus rounds!

8. The Invisible Man

Another interesting and fun 5 reel slot from NetEnt, The Invisible Man features a one off style of bonus feature. The walking wild symbols on this slot are Griffin, the invisible man himself and a police man. When they end up merging, you get 10 extra spins.

As these wilds are worked off of the reels by the free bonus spins, they are added to the relevant meter. If you manage to fill the police meter first, then you get the police bonus which awards you 3 extra spins and flaming wilds make their way onto the reels.

If you manage to fill the griffin meter first, then the ‘Griffins Rage' bonus round is triggered, which takes place over 3 different locations. At each location, you pick from 5 items which can result in winning coins, a multiplier being added or the round being stopped there and then.

7. Jurassic Park

Based on Steven Spielbergs wonderous and epic film, the 5 reel slot is jam packed with bonus games. The main bonus is a blistering 5 levels, and when you land 3 amber symbols you'll get a special free spins bonus. These special spins come in the form of one of 5 dinosaurs, which all have varying effects. From the monstorous T-Rex which will turn 5 of the reels completely wild, the velociraptor which will make spirit and multiplier wilds to the triceratops with its running wilds. Couple these amazing bonuses with some stunning graphics and the great movie theme and you're onto a winning slot.

6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Based on the hit film from the Birtish comedic geniuses, Monty Python and the Holy Grail has some of the best movie tie in bonuses out there! When you manage to trigger the ‘Quest for Camelot' free games bonus round, you'll have a selection of shield to pick from. These shield unleash some of the games most innovative bonuses, including the French invaders who really do ‘fart in your general direction' which adds wild symbols, a visit from the three headed knight who adds 4 wild symbols and the killer rabbit who throws down some sticky wilds onto your reels.

5. Hot as Hades

Taking a detour away from movie related slots, we've got Hot as Hades 5 reel slot from Microgaming. The slot machine bonus game rounds you can find are all themed around Greek mythology and have a nice little fun cartoon edge to them as well. Some of the bonus rounds you can trigger include the ‘Quest for the Crystal Helm', which involves the titular Hercules fighting various adversaries in 4 rounds – Neptune, Medusa and then the main villain Zeus himself! If you manage to win him you can get your bounty – the Crystal Helm and the various great loot that comes with it! There's also a random super bonus round that can be triggered.

4. Guns n' Roses

Who hasn't heard of these rock behemoths? When it comes to online casino slot games with bonus games, Guns & Roses doesn't disappoint – If you manage to swing 3 LP's on the reels, you can trigger one of the bonus rounds. There's the Encore bonus round, Which gives you 10 extra spins and transforms one of the band members into a stacked wild symbol. Then you've got the crowd pleaser bonus, which triggers a pick and win mini game of three rounds which can snag you some extra spins and lucrative coin wins. As if that wasn't enough, you also get to listen to the hit songs from the band as you play!

3. Pink Panther

Yes, the pink panther from your childhood cartoons has his own slot machines. this Playtech slot has various interesting rounds: To start with you've got 2 mystery bonus progressive bonuses and a whopping 5 bonus rounds. With the ‘crack the pink bonus' gives you free rounds with expanding wilds and a nice added multiplier. ‘The colour pink' gifts you the chance to win a multiplier of your bet whilst the ‘Wheel of pink' gives you a chance to win cash and prizes. Or maybe you'll pick up the ‘follow the pink trail' bonus where you collect prizes or keep going to win a bigger prize! Absolutely jam packed would be the best way to describe the slot machine bonuses here!

2. Family Guy

If you're a Family Guy Fan and you love online slots with bonus features, you'll love this slot! You've got the whole family here, with 4 randomly triggered family member bonuses, with a few more to boot. The World bonus round see's little lovable Stewie spinning a glovbe to see which extra you're getting, Lois has her own ‘Hot free spins' round and who could forget the chicken fight round, which sees Peter and the chicken brawling all over the town with you being awarded various cash prizes.

1. Mega Moolah

When it comes to slots with bonus games, there's only really one best online slot in this category – Mega Moolah. The legendary slot with bonus rounds that has a bright and pleasing cartoon style and holds the record for the biggest UK slots bonus win. But The whole draw of this slot is the jackpot round you can randomly trigger which gives you the chance to win some real money. You have the chance to spin a jackpot wheel which will net you either a mini prize, minor prize, major prize or the coveted progressive jackpot prize – which always resets to a minimum of $1,000,000! No wonder this is one of the most popular casino games with bonuses that people love to play! You've also got a free spins bonus round here which will give you a 3x multiplier on any winnings.

Slots With Bonus Rounds FAQ

Can I play free slots with bonus rounds at an online casino?

Yes, you can play on free slots with bonus!There are absolutely tonnes of free online slots with bonuses out there for you to play. This will be in the form of trial and demo games, where you can get a feel for any type of bonus slot games have before you put any of your hard earned cash in!

Where can I play the best online free slot games with bonus features?

Most online casinos will feature instantly playable free slots with bonus in demo mode. These online slot machines with bonus games will be instantly playable on a variety of devices – including your mobile phone!

Does a slot machine with bonuses have a good RTP?

Slot machines with bonus games at online casinos have quite a wide range when it comes to RTP. Generally the best online slots will have a range of around 97% RTP for a great chance to win some real money, all the way down to 95%.

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