The 5 Biggest Casino Jackpots Of All Time

In the history of online gambling and casinos in general, there have been legends of winners walking away with life-changing amounts of money. Whilst some of these stories are tall tales composed of Chinese whispers, there have been big winners at many online casinos.

The age of the digital casino – aka the online casino – has seen a sharp rise in the number of people walking away with incredible sums of money from casinos. Most of the lucrative wins that are won are coming from these online casinos – and that’s mainly thanks to the amazing features that can be found on them, particularly progressive jackpots.

The whole reason we play these slot games is to have fun, unwind a little and hopefully win – and snag a big win at that. Like we said before, players of online casinos dream of finding themselves pulling the virtual lever of a progressive jackpot slot, waiting for the reels to land… and then finding themselves staring at a ‘jackpot win’ sign with millions pouring into their account.

Well, the following are the five biggest jackpot winners at online casinos. You’ll notice that many of the winners like to remain anonymous, which shifts focus to the stars behind the big wins – the slot machines that provide the amazing gameplay and huge wins, and the online casinos that the games are on!

Now, this list could change very quickly since there are new winners all the time – but these winners will forever go down in the history books as BIG winners.

The Two Titans

Whilst this list has 5 winners, you’ll notice that all of these winners only come from 2 slot games!

It’s true that your chances and opportunities of winning a big win are increased when playing on certain games. Whilst there have been a few other games that could be in this class of casino game, at this point in time these two behemoth games are going almost toe to toe in the battle for huge payouts. Who knows though, in the future may be a worthy contender will appear.

So, without further ado, the list of the 5 biggest casino jackpot wins of all time…

Worthy mention – £7.9 million… from an Ipad!

When an anonymous player, D.P, was bored one evening, she decided to take advantage of the fact mobile casinos allow their players to play on any device they want, anywhere, whipped out her iPad and signed into her Zodiac casino account.

Little did she know that she’d end up bagging almost £8 million from her session! She was playing one of the most popular casino games around – and one of the two titans – Mega Moolah from Microgaming. With a puny £1 wager she managed to snag the jackpot – and even had a book written in her honour!

Mega Moolah itself is often referred to as the ‘millionaire maker’ – it’s that renowned for making its players rich. With the current jackpot stands just below £6 million, and whenever it’s won, it resets to an impressive £1 million! Even the smallest win from the jackpot is a cool £1.01 million.

  1. Mega Moolah – $9.22 Million

Coming in at fifth place was a cool $9.22 million win from an anonymous player who was playing at Tipco Mobile Casino on their mobile back in April of 2017. Makes you think – if you won a ‘dream come true’ money type of jackpot, would you remain anonymous.

  1. Mega Moolah – $10.1 Million

Rawari Pou, a player who decided to not stay anonymous, managed to snag the second biggest win on the aforementioned ‘millionaire maker’ back in 2016.

After a hard day at work and looking to relax, Rawari decided to unwind a bit and let off some steam by playing some online slots. He ended up having a few spins for 20 minutes before landing the jackpot – over $10 million!

Stories like Rawaris’ help drive home the fact that these jackpots can happen to anyone, at any time.

  1. Mega Fortune – €11.7 Million

Next on the list is the other giant for wins – Mega Fortune from NetEnt. An incredibly lucky student from Norway decided to have a few spins on their favourite online casinos – Betsson – during a restless night.

Call it being in the right place at the right time, or sheer luck, the student played a few spins on Mega Fortune in their late-night boredom and managed to swing the jackpot for Mega Fortune – a nice €11.7 million. We doubt the student went into their lectures the next day… or got a good night's sleep that night!

  1. Mega Moolah – £13.2 Million

A miraculous £13,000,000 win from one of us Brits was bagged back in 2015. A John Heywood had heard the hype behind online casinos and decided to open an account as a new player at Betway online casino.

25 minutes later… He managed to land the biggest win in Betway history!

In an interview Betway conducted with Mr Heywood, he commented at how shocked and happy he was at the win and at how little time he was playing until he managed to get lucky and hit the winning combination.

He spent part of his massive winnings on his family and his fathers' medical expenses. He also kept a professional manner in spending his winnings, not really splashing out on luxuries for himself, instead of investing in businesses and investments.

  1. Mega Fortune – €17.8 Million

Mega Fortune by NetEnt manages to take the top spot with an absolutely massive win by one lucky punter – almost €20 million. Mega Fortune allows players to make small bets, and this jackpot was shockingly won from a 25 cent bet!

An anonymous 40-year-old Finnish player from Helsinki won this life-changing amount whilst playing on Paf casinos, and he didn’t actually believe he had won – it took a phone call from the casino for it to become real!

Could YOU Make The List?

If you too are a player who dreams of winning staggering jackpots like these, one of your best bets is to join a trusted new online casino. That’s where we step in – the team here at are here to point you in the right direction in the best new online casinos and the newest slot sites.

Whilst you’ll only find two games on the list of winners above, the casino industry is incredibly fast-moving, and we have no doubt that newer jackpot games will be appearing on this list.

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