Progressive Slots: A Full Guide

Progressive slot games offer you as a player the chance to win life-changing money – we aren't talking thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds… We're talking MILLIONS!

This jackpot win amount is taken from a pool of everyone's bets, and whilst the odds of winning one of these are small, you get the chance to win these staggering amounts. Available at the best new online casino sites as well as online casinos & land-based over the planet, these types of slots are loved by many punters who play on new sites with slots purely because of the excitement of having a chance to win millions.

With these progressive slots, the pooled amount is often shared by many casinos, meaning a bigger pool for the potential winner as the jackpot amount can come from hundreds of thousands of different bets.

So let's delve into these interesting slots, give you some jackpot tips and get you on the road to winning a huge jackpot!

What is a Progressive Slot & How Does it Work

Progressive slots work almost exactly the same as a normal online slot game. When it comes down to it, you're going to have the same basic gameplay mechanics – you place your stake and then spin the reels, trying to win by matching up symbols over the reels so they form a payline. Certain combinations of symbols will result in different payouts. What makes these slot machines different is the fact that is the progressive jackpot.

The key here is the name – progressive jackpot. That means the jackpot progressively get bigger and bigger as more bets are made on that slot machine over all the casinos in the network – and on online casinos, that's a big network. Every bet that's made from anyone who bets on that progressive slot machine will add a small percentage to the overall jackpot amount.

When a player finally manages to hit the big winning combination on one of these progressive slot machines, they get that jackpot slots total amount – which often goes into the millions. On some of these jackpot slot machines, the jackpot amount can only be won through a bonus game, whereas other progressives games may require a minimum stake amount to be in for a chance to win the jackpot and others will have the bonus game randomly pop up.

Once the progressive jackpots maximum amount has been won, the machine will reset to a preset minimum amount, which ranges from £10,000 all the way to £1,000,000.

The Best Slot Jackpots Ever Won

The famous Mega Moolah holds the record for the biggest ever win on a progressive jackpot slot machine. Back in 2018, Grand Mondial Casino had a lucky winner, who managed to scoop €18,915,721! The winners' name has never been announced, but there's no doubt that they're living the high life thanks to their win, joining the other 8 figure progressive jackpot slot winners.

Next up was an unnamed Canadian player, who snagged a great $20,057,734 win at Zodiac Casino on Mega Moolah. Finally, in the third position for the highest win from a progressive game is a UK player. Johnathon Heywood grabbed a nice £13 million in 2015.

As you can see, progressive jackpots and the winnings from progressive slot jackpots is the way to win absolutely staggering amounts of money at an online casino. These jackpots often grow extremely quickly and reach 7 figures regularly – sometimes even 8 figures. Who knows, we may even see a 9 figure jackpot on slots?

Standalone Progressive slot

The simplest kind of progressive slots out there, standalone progressive games. Just as the name implies, these slot machines are independent in the fact they aren't connected to any sort of slot machine network or any other slot machine at all.

They work just like normal slot machine games, except for one thing. They take a small fraction of each bet, around 1-5% – and use this to build a giant amount up for grabs. Whilst the total win amount won't be as big on these slots since there are less total players pooling percentages of their stakes into the pot, these progressive slot machines still pay out a substantial jackpot amount.

An example of this would be having 5 of the same standalone progressive jackpot machines in a row in a land-based casino. They're all the same machine, but the total jackpot for each would be different as they're all standalone.

Local progressive slot

Local progressive jackpot slots are slightly higher up in the progressive slots chain, letting you win the jackpot for the whole casino. A great example of this would be to take two separate casino – casino 1 and casino 2. They both have the same progressive jackpot slot machine games. Even though they have the exact same progressive slot machine games, the progressive jackpots would be different for each casino.

This is because all the bets made when punters play progressive slots at casino 1 will all contribute to that casino's jackpot amount, with the same going for casino 2.

the wins here will be higher than the standalone progressive category, but less than the wide-area progressives.

Wide Area Network

Ah, the big slot jackpots – when you win the progressive jackpot game on one of these slots, you're pretty much set for life. These are the types of progressive jackpots you'll find at online casinos, with huge jackpots. Here, the progressive jackpots are taken from every machine, with a small percentage of each bet made on the progressive slots contributing towards the overall jackpot. Because so many players are vying for that massive amount, you get a huge total amount – millions.

Why Play On Progressive Slots

This is pretty self-explanatory – for a chance to win the progressive jackpot, which could be a breathtaking amount. Whilst some players are happy with a £100 win, or a couple of grand, some players want to play games that payout BIG.

Don't get it wrong, for some players it's about more than the huge progressive amount you can win. There are usually other, smaller wins you can get on the machine as well – slots like Mega Fortune actually have 3 jackpots you can go for at the same time – £2,000, £20,000 and £2 million!

Your odds of winning these smaller jackpots are obviously much higher than winning the grand jackpot, but even winning £2000 from a £1 spin is an absolutely great win.

The Most Popular Online Progressive Slots

Mega Moolah

As you read before, Mega Moolah is the progressive jackpot which has paid out the highest amount, time and time again. Coming from Microgaming, this game often has the highest jackpot out of all of them. You unlock the possibility to play the jackpot bonus round in this game is random, but your chances of landing it are upped when you bet maximum.

the bonus round has you spinning a wheel to decide whether you get one of 4 jackpots – mini, minor, major or the coveted millionaire jackpot. You've also got some nice fixed payouts on this game as well as an added bonus. Thanks to it being so popular, whenever the jackpot is won, it often works it's way high again very quickly!

Mega Fortune

This one comes from another well-known casino game creator – NetEnt. Once holding the highest win ever from a progressive game, you access the bonus round in the game by lining up 3 or more matching symbols. This gives you the chance to spin the much-prized wheel of fortune. This wheel can give you smaller jackpots and lining up 3 arrows snags you the big jackpot.

Hall of Gods

Again from NetEnt, Hall of Gods draws its inspiration from the Norse Gods and the mythology behind them. the bonus round is again triggered by 3 matching symbols, and this round will see you smashing shields to match up symbols. If you manage to match up 3 of the mega jackpot symbols, that huge progressive jackpot is all yours.

Jackpot Giant

A little bit different than the other jackpot slots on our list, Jackpot Giant comes from Playtech. With a range of bonus rounds, one of them gives you the chance to bag the grand jackpot. A volcano themed round will see you trying to match a certain amount of symbols to get your hands on that huge amount.

Beach Life Jackpot

Get ready for some of those good vibes on this game! Paying out about $5 million dollars a year on its jackpot wins, you've also got fixed wins which run-up to a cool million if you manage to land 5 wilds, and bright, eye-catching visuals to glare at whilst you're crossing your fingers hoping for the win!

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