Peaky Blinders Slot Released At Pragmatic Play Online Casinos

The popular and much loved British TV show Peaky Blinders can now call itself a popular slot game alongside a successful TV franchise!

When the TV launched in 2013, there was no doubt the show would expand and become a high favourite within the TV culture community. With millions of viewers around the world, Pragmatic Play has high hopes for the success and respect this new release which you'll be able to find at the latest casino sites will have within the gambling community.

Based on a real historical event within 19th century Birmingham, the TV show tells the story of the happenings of the famous gang many years ago. Based on the Shelby family, the story seems fitting for a gambling game, as the family within the TV show (and real life history) were very well acquainted to the interests of gambling amongst other interests.

Pragmatic Play have been fully licensed to use the full images of all the characters in the most 3D-like way possible. Therefore, players can expect to play alongside main characters like Tommy and Arthur Shelby, in addition to Michael and Polly Gray.

This new slot comes with great celebration as it happens to be the first branded TV show slot to be produced from Pragmatic Play.


The main gameplay that players can look forward to includes a betting limit starting from just €0.01 all the way to €100 maximum. Of course, all the wagering stakes can be altered manually through the manual functions. Or you can preset to the level you require and have it running on an automatic setting.

Players are looking forward to this title due to its RTP being recorded as 96.50%, which is pretty high for a new slot and based on a TV show at that. The slot itself is considered high volatility, meaning you can expect a larger win, rather than smaller amounts on a frequent basis.

Bonus Features

A Peaky Blinders slot would be complete without bonuses, and you can expect them here. The bonus features of the game are triggered via multiple symbols within the game. The Tommy Shelby symbols that come onto the reels are known to allow you to substitute you current symbols for more favorable winning prospects. In addition to this, the Shelby Shop feature will trigger a bonus symbol if you manage to get it on the fifth reel. This will trigger free spin features, alongside cash bonuses that are added instantly to your jackpot to take away from the game!

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