Online Slots RTP: A Full Guide

If you're new to the online casino and gambling world, you may have heard the term high RTP slots bandied around new slot sites and wondered “what does RTP stand for?” And if you're an experienced gambler or an online slot aficionado, then you know how important an online slots RTP is in deciding whether you're going to play on it or not.

Whether you know what it means or not, the team here at are here to fill you in on exactly what you need to know about RTP and the best slots to play, how it works in relation to online slot games, whether variance affects it, the top RTP slots games and even more.

What Does RTP Mean?

What does RTP actually mean in the context of casino games? It stands for ‘Return To Player'. This percentage is basically the reverse of the ‘house edge' and tells you as a slot player the average the video slot machine will pay you back over a large number of spins. For example, let's take an online slot machine that has an RTP of 98% (a house edge of 2%). Using this figure, we know that over an extended period of time, for every £100 you spend on the machine, you'll get back £98. A general rule of thumb is that the best paying slots have an RTP of 90% +.

An important thing to realise when talking about returns in regard to slots with the best odds is that this percentage is worked out over an absolutely huge number of spins – we're talking in the millions. If you're playing a comparatively ‘short' session compared to this – a few hundred or maybe even a few thousand spins, then anything goes and you should expect any kind of return. This is one of the things that makes online slot games exciting, the unpredictability of whether you're going to hit a big win or not. If these percentages were fixed for every 100 spins… then ultimately you'd always make a loss!

The Maths Behind RTP

Calculating and configuring the return on online slot machines is incredibly complicated. If the online slot machine has extra features – such as bonus rounds, jackpot mechanics and a huge number of pay lines – then these add to the complex process. Any online slot developers need to include these things whilst making sure the machine itself sticks to the correct RTP.

On the whole, an online slot game will be programmed to give back a certain percentage of the total amount of money that is put into it. The actual allocation of return varies between slots – More on that in a sec – but if an online slot has a nive high RTP of 97%, then it will return 97% of all the money put into it if played for an infinite amount of spins.

Online Slot Variance vs Return To Player

A common mistake players make is confusing the variance of a slot machine with the return to player, or the other way around, These concepts are very closely related, but they aren't the same thing. We explained what RTP is above, so we'll take a closer look at online slot variance and how it affects you as a player.

When we talk about variance, we're talking about how the RTP is understood. Slots with lower variance slots are programmed so that you'll have smaller payouts more often, helping you to stay in the game and play more spins on that online slot. Slots with higher variance will tie up most of the returns percentage in the extra bonus features, allowing you to have a chance at some incredible wins. It's not all sunshine and rainbows though – to compensate for these huge wins, these slots often pay out smaller amounts much less often.

We aren't saying that all of the highest payout slots you can find at online casinos are the best bang for your buck. In fact, in general, a higher RTP online slot can be seen as the top slot online to play on. But if you choose to play on a high variance game, it can take a while before you actually get close that particular slots true RTP.

RTP Myths

Now that we've cleared up what RTP actually is, let's dive into some common myths that about them and then get into the highest paying slot machines and best slots for winning. Since their creation, players have developed their very own ideas about how online slot machines return winnings to players, and below are the most common ones:

Online casinos actually manipulate the RTP of slots into their favour

This is totally false. Most online casinos themselves don't actually own the slots they offer – the software developers do. These casinos are just renting the online slots from the creators, with the games themselves running from and stored on the developers' servers. This means these casinos can't access the back end of the online slot top change any of the foundational settings (such as RTP). There are games out there which have varying levels of returns percentage, but a casino can't just change a machines RTP on the go.

The RTP of the highest RTP slots doesn't matter for a single session of playing

This can be seen as both true and false. in a single online slot gaming session pretty much anything can happen – you could lose or have a huge win. Whilst some people view a high return as a technique of how to win at slot machines, You're actually very unlikely to realise the true RTP of a slot machine in a single gaming session. Knowing this, some players can see the return of an online slot as totally irrelevant. But in general playing on an online slot game with higher RTP is seen as better – so an online slot with 96% return percentage is seen as better to play on that a 90% return online slot.

The Top 10 High RTP Slots

Right then… now that you're all clued up on RTP and everything it means to you as a player, let's get down to business and take a look at which slot machine pays best! Below are the top online slot games in terms of return percentage. One thing to note is that if you're a high roller who's after a huge win, these online slots are probably not your best choice, but if you're after the best winning slot games – take a look below:

Ugga Bugga – as high as 99.7% RTP

Yep, you read that right -you can get upto 99.7% RTP on this online slot. Ugga Bugga is an online slot game from Playtech with a jungle theme and is one of the highest paying slots online. It has an unusual layout with the reels showing symbols in 10 sets of 3 rows, and 10 pay lines. It's a low volatility online slot with not many bonus features, but the uniqueness and the fact it's a high RTP slot – the highest RTP online with only 0.3% house edge – will keep you coming back for more to play on this – the best payout slot!

Mega Joker – as high as 99% RTP

If classic fruit machines are your thing then you'll love Mega Joker from Netent. With a fluctuating return upto 99% RTP based on how much you stake, this slot doesn't have abonus features but it more than makes up for it with the pleasing simplicity and the fact it has a progressive jackpot.

Ooh Aah Dracula – as high as 99% RTP

Apart from the catchy name, this online slot has a tonne going for it. A fun and whacky horror theme online slot greet you, with an added soundtrack. There's a straightforward 5×3 reel set up and a nice pick and click bonus game adds to the high return, with high rollers getting the chance to spin all 5 reels at once for that stellar RTP, making it one of the best RTP slots.

Jackpot 6000 – as high as 98.8% RTP

Another great classic online slot from NetEnt, this one take its cues from Mega Joker above. Similarly, you're going to have to set the maximum stake of 10 coins and utilize a strategy involving the Supermeter to get the best return here – a really good game if you're a player who wants to be stuck in and try and influence your chances to win!

Chessmate – 98.7% RTP

Here we've got a slots developer who isn't quite as well known as some of the heavy hitters – MultiSlot. Chessmate is easy on the eyes with nice colours and a cartoonish style. It can be quite hard to find this at online casinos, but when you do find it, expect 15 pay lines, some nice bonus game rounds and a great high RTP.

1429 Uncharted Seas – 98.6% RTP

Thunderkick is behind this one, and it's a corker! You've got the high RTP, a great looking set of reels (who thought a map would make a great set of reels), some exciting bonus rounds and a nice, unique theme. Even though it's one of Thunderkicks earlier games, it holds up incredibly well.

The Catfather – 98.1% RTP

A mafia cat-themed online slot from Pragmatic Play… Who'd have thought it? With the absolutely crazy video slot theme – where you'll be running a mafia made of cats – you've got 9 pay lines, great animations bringing the cats to life and a pretty low variance so expect those little wins to come trickling in.

Monopoly on the Money – as high as 98.1%

As you can probably guess, one of the most popular board games of all time is what this online slot is based on. With you adventuring with the titular Monopoly man, the vanilla base game has a return of just 94% slot RTP, it's the ‘Big Bet' bonus round we're looking for here to get that huge 98.1% RTP.

Blood Suckers II – 98% RTP

Blood Suckers is yet another entry from NetEnt, this slot is a fully functional online slot unlike the others we mentioned above. ranking as one of the slots with highest payout percentages, You're going to be playing with 3 different themed bonus features – the hidden treasure bonus, and 2 random bonus rounds and, 25 pay lines with a nice, low variance.  Blood Suckers is one of the creme-de-la-creme slots if you're into vampire themes

Jokerizer – 98% RTP

Finally, Yggdrasil rounds up the top 10 best RTP slot games with Jokerizer, a bright, colourful modern take on the fruit machine. The fresh, new and fun spin on the classic fruit machine is complemented with dazzling graphics, bonus rounds and stimulating extra features, as well as exciting high variance.

RTP of Other Casino Games

Discussing the highest paying slots is great, but you may be wondering about the other big online casino games category – table games, especially if all table games that you can find online have their own RTP, what that particular RTP is and if it's better than the playing on the best slot games to play in terms of RTP.

Yep, table games do have their own return to player percentages. specifically, each game has it's own percentage and then individual percentages for specified bets. Most table games have a return that's higher than particular online slot machines, as the games have set rules and cards and so have much more stable return percentages.

With specific strategies, professional players can get returns of 98.99% on Baccarat, 98.65% on the French variation of Roulette, 98.64% on Craps and a whopping 99.54% on Blackjack games.

Return To Player FAQ's

What slot machines payout the most?

The ones we listed above. These high payout slots give a casino the lowest house edge possible, maximising your chances to win.

Should you max bet on a slot machine?

This is totally dependant on what type of player you are. Certain online slots unlock higher returns and special modes if you bet max which can be beneficial, but it comes down to whether you want a shorter playtime with your available gambling balance or want to stretch it out for longer. And always remember – don't gamble more than you can afford to lose!

Where can I find out the RTP of a slot?

It's really easy to find out the return of an online slot – you simply have to Google it! online casinos rarely list the return of any particular online slot but Google will have the answers.

Does high volatility affect the RTP of a slot game?

Whilst the concepts of volatility or variance and RTP are closely related, they don't directly affect each other. You can have a high variance game with a low RTP or a high variance game with high RTP – the same goes for low variance!

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