New Starburst Slingo Slot Is On The Cards!

NetEnt moves towards releasing a new online casino game that builds on the first release of the mega popular Starburst slot game. This Starburst release will incorporate Slingo too, however it's not set for an early release this year, as NetEnt will be bringing it out to new casino site platforms next year. So, plenty of time to do your research and find out what to expect from the slot developer!

Gaming Realms is the casino games developer that has sought brand licensing of Starburst, due to it possibly being considered as one of the most successful slots of all time. Gaming Realms are a British developer and currently they're perfecting the Slingo Starburst for future pre-release snippets and more information for the gambling community. It's still very much in early development and therefore not finished, for any clue on the style of the game.

Gaming Realms Operation Officer Seagal did say how ecstatic he was for Gaming Realms to have made it to a collaboration with a highly esteemed iGaming developer like NetEnt. One thing he mentioned was that Gaming Realms have made sure to showcase all the best features that came with the Starburst theme and slot brand. Combining the best features of Slingo is also something he reassured will appear in the new slot game creation. An epic gaming session is very much on the horizon – that's something we will agree too.

Gaming Realms are not the only ones who have expressed their excitement. NetEnt have done so too! The Commercial Officer of NetEnt, named Whitworth, has mentioned how he feels this partnership will only further expand the iGaming markets. Particularly within the US and UK. The project will turn out very well for both the brands and this is something that NetEnt are absolutely sure about and hold great confidence in.

Gaming Realms, even though a UK developer, has great ties within the US, due to the Slingo productions made in the past. This is the reason NetEnt remains so, so confident about everything to come.

Gaming Realms will however, be releasing more Slingo titles within the next upcoming months, so players can definitely keep themselves entertained in the meantime. There is no doubt. These titles also come at a great technological advantage, as they have been made in partnership with other established slot studio brands (up to several of them). Meaning this has definitely been a very busy year for Gaming Realms indeed.

Other games like Slingo Fluffy Favourites and Slingo Grid Mechanics are due to be released later in October. Suppose this will have to keep us all busy, until the grand reveal of the Slingo Starburst is to be released.

For those of you wondering about the function of a Slingo slot, it essentially brings together the features of a bingo game and slot game together, making it absolutely perfect for fans that love both and hate having to pick between the two every time they play on online slot sites or bingo sites.

Gaming Realms purchased Slingo in its prime momentum for a $15.6 million deal between them and RealNetworks in 2013. Yet the growth they have managed to occupy since the deal has actually gone through is incredibly impressive. They have maintained their brand originality, yet still pushed themselves to further exposure and expansion within 6 short years. We believe the next release will be their best yet, and definitely put them on the map even further.

Remember, Slingo is due to be released within the early months of 2022, so add it to your calendars and keep a sharp lookout. That is all we will say guys!

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