How to Make The Most Of Bonuses at Online Casinos

We all love playing on different types of online casino, and it’s up to these casinos whether they offer a bonus to their players, what type of bonus to offer and how good to make that bonus.

To put it in its most simple form, a casino bonus is – in most cases – a version of free money gifted to the players by the online casino. Sometimes these can be totally free – with no deposit needed or no requirements needed – but most casino bonuses you can claim won’t be entirely ‘free’ per se – there will be some sort of conditions to be met to claim your winnings or requirements.

On the whole, almost every punter loves a good casino bonus – there isn’t quite a feeling like finding a great hidden casino that has an amazing bonus for new players. So how exactly do you get the most out of these bonuses? That’s what we’re here to tell you!

So strap in and prepare for an in-depth guide to stretch these bonuses for every penny!

Playing without a bonus

We’ll go through reasons you may want to play at a new UK casino without claiming the bonus.

Whilst it may shock you, there are many players who will actually sign up to the casino and not claim the bonus given to them, or contact customer support and ask for any bonuses to be removed.

This is often done by seasoned gamblers, as the requirements that the casinos make players wager or stake more than they want to. Another reason is that if you have only partially completed a bonus and have an incomplete bonus means that you won't be able to cash out any winnings!

You’re going to have to play through and complete any wagering requirements to get hold of these winnings.

So with this in mind, the first step of making sure you get the most out of any casino you’ve been eyeing is to keep those eyes on the lookout at whether the restrictions and requirements are actually worth it.

A good rule of thumb is to think about why you’re gambling – if the terms look fair and you simply want a bit of fun, then claiming the casino bonus is almost a no brainer. If you're after some serious gambling though – and want to focus more on table games like poker, blackjack or roulette – then not claiming the casino bonus may be your best move.

10 Tips To Get The Most From Your Bonus

Tip #1: Check the bonuses percentage and maximum amount

The first thing you should do is check what the percentage is if it’s a deposit match bonus you’re getting, and the maximum you can claim.

The most common amount you’ll find at places like the newest slot machine sites is a nice 100% deposit, which will double the amount you get to play with when you make a deposit. You can find some online casinos which offer 150%, 200% or even more though.

The maximum bonus amount with these types of bonus also varies a lot – some casinos have a maximum deposit amount of £150, some £300.

With these two pieces of information, you know exactly the right amount to deposit.

Tip #2: ALWAYS check the terms and conditions

This is one of the most vital and important steps you should be taking when checking your bonus – and unfortunately, it’s a step that’s missed by many players. You want to especially be checking any wagering requirements and play through requirements.

You’ll discover that any bonus money will be subject to being wagered a certain number of times before it can be transferred to your account balance and withdrawn. With most offers, a fair wagering amount is between 30x-50x deposit.

Finding out the wagering requirement and terms and conditions of any casino bonus is as simple – any trustworthy UK online casino will display any prominent terms and conditions and the wagering requirement wherever they display the bonus, with the information usually located just below the bonus in small text.

Tip #3: Find out game weighting for the bonus

One thing that can trip up new players is the fact that not all of the games at a casino will equally contribute towards any wagering requirements on a casino. Sometimes you may even find that some types of casino games contribute absolutely nothing towards the wagering requirements, which can save the valuable time you would have wasted playing on them.

Most slot games will thankfully contribute 100% towards any requirements, although some low variance slots may contribute less. Table games like roulette and blackjack will always contribute less since the house edge is a lot less.

When you have a gander over the game weighting for the bonus you want to claim, you can get a good idea if the game types you love contribute a nice chunk towards that wagering requirement you’re going to be aiming to hit.

Tip #4: Make sure you don’t become a bonus abuser/advantage player

Whilst all casinos love taking on new customers… they don’t like taking on bonus abusers!

One way that online casinos try to tackle the problem of bonus abusers is to add in some extra rules when using their bonuses – one of them being a certain stake limit that you won't be allowed to exceed when using bonus money.

If for some reason you exceed these limits for staking, the casino may just class you as an advantage player, voiding any winnings you’ve got as well as your bonus amount. Some other examples of advantage play include:

A well-known way is to play on online slot games, placing big stakes with your bonus money and wait for a bonus round to be triggered. You then lower your wager by a lot during the round and burn through the wagering requirement like that.

Another common method is to play on things like roulette and bet on both red and black at the same time.

Don’t try to outsmart the casinos! They know all the tricks and you could end up getting banned from that casino and any sister sites of theirs, losing your bonus and most likely any deposited money as well!

Tip #5: Try to play on medium and low variance online slots.

If you like to indulge in online slots, the best chance you have of working your way through the wagering requirement and getting to cash out your winnings from a casino bonus is to stick to the low variance and medium variance slot games.

Sure, you won’t get the huge jackpot wins that you can find on high and very high volatility games, but you’ll be able to surely chip away at the requirement and get your hands on the real money.

Tip #6: Remember you can always turn a bonus down

As we said before, at the top of this guide, remember you can always decline any bonus given to you, and play with your own money instead.

You aren’t in any way, shape or form obligated to take up the bonuses a casino offers to you. A bonus can give you some extra fun and entertainment, and add some playing time for you to enjoy your favourite games.

If you don’t particularly want to go through the whole rigmarole of working your way through wagering requirements, game weighting and the like, wanting the freedom of doing whatever you want with the money you deposit into the casino, then you may choose to not take the bonus.

Sometimes this can be done purely by unchecking a box on the bonus selection screen of a casino, or not entering the bonus code when you sign up. You can always simply contact customer support and ask them to remove any bonuses before you start playing.

Tip #7: Check the progress you’ve made

Say you’ve made a nice, tidy sum and wanted to convert those winnings into real money, cashing them out, then checking your progress with how far you are towards any wagering requirements is a great idea.

Any good online casino will allow you to actively check how close you are to hitting the wagering requirement, giving you a great signal as to when you can stop playing and cash out your winnings.

One way to check this is to head over to the withdrawal section of the casino you’re playing at and check at the amount you can withdraw. If the amount is zero, then you are still subject to the wagering requirements and still have to hit the target.

If all else fails, a quick message to the customer support should solve the issue.

Tip #8: Play with free spins without any requirements if possible

Any keen slots player will love free spins bonuses – They allow you to try your hand and win some good money, try out some interesting new slots, and best of all – they’re free! Or they would be… if it wasn’t for those annoying wagering requirements!

You can find online casinos that offer a free spins bonus without any wagering requirements. Though these are few and far between, they are out there. Any wins you get from the spins are yours to keep and you can cash them out straight away.

You should also take a look for a great no deposit casino as well, as that will help boost your bonus balance quite nicely.

Tip #9: Don’t choose a casino purely for the bonus

When you first get your bonus, there is always a chance you could be extraordinarily lucky and win a huge jackpot on your first pull of the virtual lever on an online slot, meet every wagering requirement and be ready, rubbing your hands as you get ready for those big winnings to hit your bank account…

But you didn’t check the terms and conditions properly and missed the fact there was a limit on the maximum you can win! Or worst-case scenario, you find out the casino is actually a bit dodgy and makes you jump through absolute tonnes of complicated hoops in order to get your hands on the money.

Whilst a great bonus may be the reason you want to sign up for a casino, don't let that sparkly, enticing bonus cloud your judgement – your online safety and checking to see whether the casino is trustworthy should be your first port of call with any casino.

Tip#10: Managed to hit a big win? – Forfeit your bonus!

The final tip we have for you could be the best one – especially if you manage to hit some sort of jackpot.

At many online casinos, you actually play through your own, real, deposited money before you chip into your bonus funds when your real money balance has run out.

After you’ve managed to snag yourself a big win without having to chip into your bonus amount, it’s actually possible to get your winnings out without having to work your way through the wagering requirements.

Whilst this does mean you’ll have to lose your bonus funds if your win is big enough then it can be worth it. It’s always better to have a bit less money that’s actually in your bank, ready to be spent, than trying to meet wagering requirements with the potential to lose it all.

You’re definitely going to have to contact the customer support on the casino you want to do this, and the online casino may not allow it, but many reputable casinos will as they know keeping you happy will keep you coming back.

So there you have it, 10 tips on how to get the most out of any casino bonus you claim. You’re now properly informed about the terms and conditions, how to not be seen as a bonus abuser and exactly what types of slots to play to best work your way through wagering requirements.

If you’re looking for some casino bonuses, check out our no deposit casinos page and free spins bonus page.

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