Casino Jargon: Common Gambling Terms

Are you looking to begin your online casino experience, but feel slightly intimidated by all the casino terms and jargon in the gambling world that are often thrown your way when you play?

Well, it's time you knuckle down with the terminology you'll find at new casino sites and really understand all of the casino terms and sayings to really help you settle and play with the best chance of success. They do say that if you fail to prepare then, you should prepare to fail, right?

So, you definitely need to address learning the casino terms and gambling terminology head on with no doubts and fear. Yes, it may seem like learning a new language at times and we know how confusing and daunting all of the casino terms can be at the beginning, as we all at some point happened to start from the same position too. Nevertheless, this is your time now to really soak in all the terms and information and move forward with flying colours.

Within this guide, we will be highlighting almost every gambling term, sentence and casino labelling variation you'll be hearing. We are sure some you have definitely heard in gambling movies and for that reason you are not as clueless as you first thought, it is always just a case of practicing them and really seeing where you end up with time. Let us get right into it!

Slots Machine Terminology

We thought we would categorise the different types of casino games you'll come across when gambling and really take it from there, so you know when to use what casino terms and how. Read down below for terms that are slot related and read the descriptions of how to use each term.


The term coins within an online slots game is referred to for stake purposes. A slot will describe the amount of money a player wagers are via a bet of a number of coins.


The reels is a term in a slot game are the number of wheels that spin and alternate your symbol combinations. Video slots will have 5 reels and above, whereas the classical slots have a total of 3 reels usually.


The spin of the reels is initiated automatically or manually, depending on how a player likes to play your slot games. The spin button is all a player will need to click to make sure that the run the game and place the wagers for each payline on slots found on a new site with slots.


Paylines are the lines which bring winning combinations across a slot reel. You have multiple shapes for these lines i.e. horizontal, vertical etc. To win an amount, you need to wager across the paylines and hope some winning combinations are made in the process.

Classical Slots

So, this term is a label for the old school slot machines that are often distinguished from having a total of 3 reels within their set up. Classical slots are really different to your typical video slots these days. Yet due to the simplicity, many players appreciate it and still enjoy playing them today!

Progressive Slot

Progressive slots are the games that provide players a chance to win such extremely large amounts of money as the jackpot prize. The jackpot is raised through a percentage of each and every entering player that stakes a bet into the slot. The jackpot will keep increasing incrementally, until a player manages to trigger it randomly.

Cascading Reels

This term is used to label the bonus that allows a player to get double from their reels. What we mean by this is, the winning symbols will be replaced by more symbols to continue the pattern of the cascading bonus. Sometimes it can continue for a few rounds and sometimes not. Everything is completely random. cascading reels were a huge hit on games like Gonzo's Quest, from Net Entertainment or NetEnt as they're more commonly known

Bonus Symbol

A bonus symbol is the term for symbols within a slot game that can help you increase your payout potential of a bet through multipliers or mimicking your other matching symbols-but with a higher attached value given to them. These can trigger bonus games too and give a player more game contexts to play with and enjoy.


Wild symbols are a bonus symbol that appears on your reel when you play and can really help you maximise the most out of your winning combinations when you bet. Should you want to multiply the value of your symbols, you need to include a wild into you symbol sequences. Of course, it is much easier said than done!

Expanding Wilds

These wilds are responsible for moving across a slot, and can actually take over a whole reel, which ultimately will give a player more winning combinations and a good run for their buck!

Sticky Wilds

Sticky wilds are the symbols that will stay continuously within the position it lands on within the reel. This gives a player further opportunity to make winning combinations with the wilds still in position. You can find the sticky wilds will remain in your reel for much longer than one spin and it will be completely random, meaning you can have it for a long period, or a quick encounter!

Wild Symbol

Wild symbols are the slot symbols that appear within the reel of your game. These are not low value, meaning a player will really be able to make the most out of coming across them. The reason for this is, they actually can nudge your symbol sequences into a winning series or even possibly multiple rounds of matches, if they are a sticky wild. Refer to our wild symbols guide, to get the complete low-down of what each wild represents and what to do with them.

Shifting Wilds

Shifting wilds is a term also known as moving wilds. These bad boys actually move across your reels like moths to a flame. They will always select the symbol series that has the most potential to maximise the greatest winning capacity from your bet. Each manoeuvre takes place between spins, so if you have a free spins series for example, you can work both bonus features together, for a larger jackpot to take away.

Stacked Wilds

The stacked wilds are just like the expanding wilds, as they take over the reels, however they take up multiple positions on the reels, rather than a whole reel itself.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter symbols is a term for part of the bonus features within a slot machine game. You will find that they really can manipulate your symbols in your reel. Having multiple ones at once, will unleash further bonus features such as free spins and a possible bonus game round (if the game applies). Nevertheless, the more you get of these, the better it actually is for you in the long term.


The term multiplier refers to the bonus features within a slot machine that can increase your wager value or bet and your win. Usually multipliers will increase the value by a certain number of times. Multipliers can be anything from 2 times, all the way to 5000 times! It all depends on the game theme and the integration of bonus features the slot game has.

General Casino Terminology

All or Nothing

You will find that keno is where this term is primarily used and if you have possibly played it on online casino sites, this term will definitely seem familiar to you. It essentially means that if you want to win the prize cash amount, all your numbers from your card must be matching the sequence generated within the game. This is probably the most self-explanatory and therefore you will find that it is much easier to comprehend if you are just starting out on lottery style gambling games.


The bankroll is your cash that you at hand to play and bet with at a casino. Many poker croupiers will refer to this term a lot in a poker game, as you display your cash via chips and that is your bankroll on the poker table. However, you can use this term generally across all casino games.

Casino Bonus

A casino bonus is a cash amount of real money, or free spins that can be used in conjunction with your gameplay at a casino that's online. Usually, these casino bonuses will be given to you as a part of a welcome scheme to invite you and entice you to sign up at a casino. Each and every casino will be different and therefore you can expect different casino promotions each and every time.

Game Tournament

Again, this is pretty self-explanatory. You will come to understand that game tournaments can be found in pretty much every genre of casino gambling. The most popular ones are that of the classical casino table game classics, such as poker tournaments and live tournaments across online and mobile casino online gambling formats. These types of gaming sessions are quite competitive and for that reason, you will really need to hold your own, as there will be no pause button to press if things get overwhelming.

Free spins

So, this term can be used for two scenarios within online gambling. Free spins are either the bonus that you receive within a bonus promotion from an online casino, or it can be referred to as the bonus features within a slot machine. Some slot machines trigger free spins from scatter symbols or wild symbol combinations. So essentially you would be getting real money free turns on the slot machines.


High rollers are the players that have extremely high bankrolls to play with. These tend to be beyond the maximum bets that slot games, poker games and general table games allow for players. Many casinos have high roller tables with even larger limits as they know some players will always want to play at increasingly higher values.

House Edge

This term refers to the advantage the casino has on both slot games or a card game or table games like poker. This is the inverse percentage of RTP, so if the RTP is 97%, that means the house edge is 3%.


A jackpot is the winning amount from a casino game that the player manages to trigger. Being the biggest prize that the game offers, it is a rare thing to experience and therefore very, very exclusive. Progressive jackpots are a type of jackpot too, yet they differ by the fact they will always change depending on how many players will stake and contribute to the overall cash amount. A fixed jackpot will be one amount that will never alter, no matter how many times players join and play it. It is always also common knowledge to the players, as to how much they can actually win overall.


The payout is just the amount given to the player when they trigger some kind of winning jackpot/amount within a game. Usually depending on your luck, the payout will always be different for each time you play.

Payout Percentage

This is a theoretical statistic that players are given by casinos and game software developers, so players can understand the kind of slot behaviour and amount of money paid out on average. For example, every £100 wagered into the casino game, players receive £96 back, making the payout at 96%. This is not a be all and end all figure, as games are always random and changeable due to the Random Number Generator algorithm.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements are the multipliers that you need to oblige and meet before you will ever be able to withdraw winnings made from a bonus. Each casino will have varying wagering requirements and therefore for that reason, you can expect players to always look for the best value deals and no wagering casino bonuses.

Video Poker Terminology


Flops are when the first card in poker or video poker is placed on the casino table. In poker, the Flop card is used as a third option for players who are seated around the poker table.

Big Blind

The big blind in poker is a term meaning the player, and is the largest of two blinds in the game. The big blind is 2nd player to the left of the dealer button, and will contribute 2x what the small blind does into the pot.

Small Blind

In poker, the term Small Blind is in reference to the player left of the dealer, and who is the first to contribute to the pot.


This is the poker term for the minimum of chips amount you need to enter the game.


To raise in poker is a term for a player upping the current bet.

Roulette Terminology

Column Bet

Found in both American and European roulette betting, this is used to describe a certain gambling characteristic/type within the roulette game. You have inside bets and outside bets. Column bets are outside bets and usually the easier kind of gambling to pick up within roulette.

Street Bet

This is a term used to describe a form of outside betting within casino roulette. Players will be expected to place a series of 2 number bets on the outside corner of your chosen row of numbers.

Double Zero

The term double zero means a feature you can bet on, which is known to appear within American Roulette. An American Roulette wheel has two zero pockets, which also makes this game have a higher house edge, worse odds and considerably harder to play of course.

En Prison

By the French use of terminology, we are sure that you may have come to realise that this is used within French Roulette. French Roulette uses this term when any player actually gets the wheel to stop and pocket in a zero. If you manage it, half of your bet will be returned to you to use again. So essentially a discounted bet, you could say?

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