An Online Casino Bonus Guide: How to Claim Them

Entering the world of casinos will inevitably bring up many questions that you will ponder. The question that gets most interest by most new players is, what is a casino bonus? When you click on the homepage of a casino, you'll be welcomed with many different type of casino bonuses that you can claim along your gaming experience. Many of which will be something you won't be sure about – especially if you're coming from a land based casino background, as these types of casino don't give you these bonuses along the way of your experience and gambling journey. It's very important for you as a future player at an online casino to know what you're dealing with and if the options you have to select from are actually really worth your time after all.

The questions you should be asking when registering at an online casino should be along the lines of how do these bonuses work? What should I pay attention to in the small print? Which bonus is the right kind for me and my game aspirations? Of course, the list of questions will go on and on – the team here at New Casinos UK will answer the main components to everything you're contemplating within this in depth blog post and you can use it as your own personal guide to help you make the right choices for you in the near future!

We'll summarise all the important factors that must go without even saying, so sit back, relax and let's get your bonus knowledge up to top notch shall we?

What is a Bonus From A Casino?

A casino bonus is something that today's new slot sites ventures would not survive without – they really are that important! If a player was to enter and register an online casino without finding any offers to take their fancy, you will come to find that your gaming experience will very much just end there – full stop!

These bonuses are so popular nowadays that players will not accept anything without them. Therefore, casinos will always make it their mission to mix up the bonus opportunities available , with variances in the amounts of bonus spins to be expected, in addition to the entire bonus packages available too. There will always be new changes frequently to ensure that players are not getting bored/ missing out on new opportunities that could be found elsewhere from different competitors.

Online Casino Bonuses Explained

A bonus is an offer and incentive to entice players to play within the casino establishment introduced. This initiative is great for attracting new players to a casino site continuously. Obviously, only new players can redeem the bonuses meaning you cannot play with the twice or re register on a new account. All of these bonuses are for your first time visit or deposit at the casino. Bonuses can be designed however to keep existing players happy and fulfilled too. You will find that there is something for every type of player when it comes to these bonuses.

There's a saying though when it comes to claiming a bonus – if it looks too good to be true… then most likely it is! Sometimes you'll be offered a huge bonus to play with on your first deposit into a slot site for example, yet behind the scenes not everything is as good as it seems.

Wagering requirements are the multipliers which will apply to you and your bonus that you take. these wagering requirements will dictate how you'lll play and ultimately whether you'll be able to withdraw the cash you win in the process of online gambling. You'll need to play with your bonus a certain number of times before you're allowed to withdraw the cash from your winnings. This is more difficult than it seems, as most of the time you'll lose a majority of your cash in the process, making us think – is it worth it?

What Kind of Bonuses can I Expect?

The casino bonuses have a very wide range and type. The most common types of bonuses to expect when you opt to play within a casino are as follows:

No deposit bonuses – these are the type of bonuses that do not require any deposit from yourself to play with them. Usually the bonus will entail a total of a small cash amount (nothing too extravagant) and/or some free spins added to the mix.

Deposit bonuses – Deposit bonuses are the cash funds you can receive once you have placed the minimum deposit into your casino wallet to qualify. Most of the time, these bonuses can vary from large generous bonuses, to small modest cash amounts.

Welcome bonuses – Basically a title referred to when a new player joins a casino. The promotion that they take out, will essentially be called a welcome bonus or a welcome offer.

Extra spins – These will often be added on top of your deposit bonuses, or as a small pick me up during your gaming adventure. The casino will surprise your with a few free bonus spins in your gaming experience.

Reload bonuses – These are a series of deposit bonuses that you can claim to try to get you to reload your account when you're a member.

Cashback bonuses – Cashback bonuses are a small initiative that casinos offer to players out of good will. Usually the offer will entail a percentage return of your losses made, to be given back to you after a certain amount of time. As you will probably come to understand, bonuses like these aren't just for new players, they are for ongoing players too.

Match Deposit Bonuses – You can expect to bag double, triple and even up to quadruple times more than your initial deposit, just as long as you deposit the minimum to be able to claim the match bonus.

Loyalty bonus – This bonus is awarded to players that have long used up their deposit bonuses and decided to remain as customers of the casino site. Usually bonuses that can be expected from this bonus will include free spins to small cash amounts and pick me ups along the way. These bonuses are highly anticipated by players that want to remain at a casino to play.

All the bonuses listed above are exactly the ones that we will be talking about and mentioning within this blog post guide, so make sure you take down notes for the rest of the way!

What Should be Paid Attention too?

We understand that the process of adjusting to your casino bonuses in the beginning can be really daunting, but understanding them is very easily picked up without any trouble at all. The scary part of accepting bonuses is viewing that really long list of terms and conditions which – and we can admit to this aswell – can just put you off completely! Yet, most of the things that you need to know about bonuses are pretty much summarised within the first few lines of the terms, so you don't go looking too deep into the terms – you might not come back out of them with a straight mind!

Read The T&C’s Carefully!

Yes, we did say not to get too in over your head when trying to use these bonuses, and the terms are concerned, however one thing to keep in mind is, it is always a good idea to know what the casino expects from you, when you play with bonuses from their promotions. As, once you have accepted the bonus to play with, you are bound to everything the casino bonus is asking of you. Some casinos are sneaky and do not put the most important factors you should know within the introductory terms and conditions as advertised on a promotion. So giving the whole terms a second look will not hurt. You'll be able to understand if there are any withdrawal limits involved, or if you are restricted to play on certain games alone, rather on anything you want. Gaming should always have the freedom you choose and for that reason, we highly suggest players to address the possible gaming freedoms that a casino can take away from you – making you not really enjoy your gaming experience overall!

If anything doesn't make sense in the terms, one thing you can do is pop up to the customer services team of the casino. There you'll be able to address all the possible issues that you may have with the terms and conditions, or if you need anything clarifying more specifically. It really is a great way to get that extra information you need. Also most customer care options will never take longer than a day to get back to you – and that is during the most extreme and busy periods!

Can the Payment Option I Select Affect my Bonus?

This is not something that probably comes to mind immediately, however it can be a case that will affect your gameplay. Some casinos will state in their terms that some payment options are not accepted when it comes to claiming a bonus. This is something usually listed in the long print of the casino terms, found in the link after the preview on the promotional headers.

The payment methods that are usually prohibited with the use of bonuses, include E-wallets with particulars to Neteller and Skrill. The reason as to why casinos do not like combining the use of these methods with a bonus, is due to the security behind the payment option. When using these bonuses a players identity is anonymous and therefore can lengthen the process on the casinos side to issue the bonus to the player.

Other reasons as to why casinos do not allow certain payment methods to be included with the bonuses, is due to the fees that can incur from their side when taking payments from the payment method in particular – this is usual for payment methods that operate in different currencies for example. These reasons make it really important that future pending players always take the initiative to look further into the bonus terms to ensure that their payment methods will be compatible with the general use of the casino itself.

Your payment option can also affect the length of time you can wait for your withdrawals and bonus referrals. Usually, anything operated over the internet works much faster to deposit than the use of traditional banking methods like that of a bank transfer for example. So you'll definitely need to consider that in your gaming time scales. Often internet transactions will operate under a 24 hour basis, whereas the traditional banking methods can take anywhere from 3-5 working days to go through.

Make note that some casinos will only accept certain types of payment methods that exclude your choice, so take that into account too, before you actually register and decide to opt for any bonus.

Bonuses in Online Casinos Vs Bonuses in Typical Land based Casinos

Obviously, while we're discussing everything online casino related, it won't do any harm to check out the casinos of traditional use i.e. the brick and mortar casinos. These casinos vary in many ways to the online option, more of which we will tell you about later – just keep ploughing through.

Bonuses in a traditional casino are much more different than the ones you get online. First and foremost, there are none. Yet these bonuses will appear in another form – the way you are treated in terms of luxury and VIP style throughout your experience. This is particularly so for casinos in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo for example. The whole treatment from red carpets, to free drinks on the house and much, much more if you happen to win!

How often can you get bonuses?

It really will depend on the casino that you are playing with. Some casinos will provide much much more and others will be less generous. Yet usually, it is nice to expect that if you go past the first initial welcome bonuses, some casinos will then award you loyalty bonuses for continuing to play there! Yes, it will not be an immediate thing and you will need to show your worth in the process. This will usually entail building your way up through a loyalty scheme. The higher you go up – the more goodies you get out of it. Simply put.

These loyalty bonuses will run on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on the casino itself and of course the higher you are in the scheme, the more frequent you can expect from it. Payout of bonuses can be anything from free spins, cash amounts to play with, to prizes like tickets to an elite concert/show and even holidays – the opportunities are pretty much endless. To get the specifics of what a casino will give you, you will (I know, we sound like a broken record!) need to check the terms and conditions of course!

Not all bonuses you get will be available forever, so it's very important to make sure you check the expiry dates of each so you can play all in good time. Some bonuses can range from a 24 day use, while others can really allow you to get some good use out of them, with a monthly expiry date. Yet, once it's expired, it's gone forever and if you did not oblige the wagering requirements too, you'll lose out on the winnings you made along the way.

Is a Bonus Cashable or not?

The term cashable means if players will be able to cash out their winnings once they have completed and redeemed the terms and conditions of their wagering requirements. Some bonuses are cashable and some others are not. The ones that are not will go by the terms ‘sticky bonus’, meaning you will be able to play with your winnings, yet never actually be able to withdraw them in the long run of your gaming career at a casino.

The terms and conditions will always detail the exact terms and conditions of a bonus. If you're unable to withdraw it, you will be told so in black and white with no need to read between the lines! Checking up on the bonus status you are playing with beforehand will prevent any disappointment along the way of your gaming.It would be horrible to find out that all that cash you made has no way of finding its way into your pocket – especially after working very hard to get it too.

What do Bonus Codes have to do with Bonuses?

Bonus codes can be used to claim your bonuses too in essence. The reason being is that some casinos actually demand for a bonus code to be able to deposit and find instant bonus cash funds in your casino wallet. Better yet, some casinos will have low-key bonus codes that will actually help you gain that extra nudge or goodie in your bonus package. Details of how to obtain the bonus is actually explained within the terms – but it's pretty simple really. Nothing too complicated. You'll usually (in most cases) have to enter the bonus code within the payment option of your deposit. There you'll be given a field to enter any applicable bonus codes. The bonus should be applied instantly without any hassle.

A great place to find bonus codes is from us! We provide many of the best bonus codes and casino reviews in town, meaning you can really make a great decision from all the best contenders in the market. Do not forget to read up on how to apply the bonus codes – something we have summarised within the bonus section of our reviews.

Find Unique and Exclusive Bonus Codes With Us!

Exclusive bonuses are ones that are available to a certain and select few. Bonuses that are tailored to certain people and not just anyone.They're made entirely for a certain select group  and can therefore be really rare and hard to grab elsewhere – Affiliate programmes and websites are often the place to go for the latest access to these unique codes.

All the bonuses that we list within our site are catered to you as a reader, meaning you can essentially have access to codes that are greater to the ones being advertised by the casinos themselves! After reading our huge guide, you get some good news right at the end of it, not too bad right?

This concludes the bonuses journey with us in our blog post. Always remain on the lookout to get the best bonuses for your buck and don't forget to check out our bonus selections too -y ou never know, you may score some gold!

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