A Beginners Guide to Playing At Online Casinos

A Beginners Guide to Online Casinos

Ask anyone of their first time experience of an online casino and you may find a controversial response for each and every person. It will never be a straight black and white answer. For that reason we thought to bring to light a constructive method of settling in and addressing possible obstacles that come your way when you immerse yourself into the online casinos experience.

Within this blog post, you will come to find out everything you need to consider before your first time playing on a brand new gambling site, the games you should start off on and play, how to actually make progress with your online experience and of course land some great winnings to reward your efforts. There is quite a bit to go through, so let us get started!

Before You Actually Start Playing

So, you are about to start a completely new experience and enter the magical world that is online game gambling! This experience is one that will without a doubt be very rewarding once you know your bearings of how to actually handle the gaming world beforehand. The best maneuver that you can possibly ever do before you actually game is, research everything that you need to know.

Yes, that means research the casino so you discover all the hosted games on (You can save plenty of time doing this by reading our reviews here at New Casinos UK!). Make sure that it's a safe and reliable source to play at. In addition to this, you'll need to compare the casino candidates you have to play against each other, for what they have to offer you and your gaming experience. We mean things like bonuses, gaming options, banking options etc.

Finally, before you commit to any terms that a casino will want you to agree upon before you register, make sure you know them inside out! These're the rules that will build the dynamic of your gaming experience. It would be horrible to discover that you agreed to a casino's terms which then limit your winning withdrawals, for example. Some sites do monthly or weekly instalments rather than paying you out the whole entire chunk of your winnings as you deserve.

The final tip we would suggest when you do your research, is to make sure you understand the wagering requirements that arise with gambling site promotions. Before you're able to withdraw your winnings, you'll need to be prepared and make sure that you play with your bonus by the wagering multiplier, to satisfy your terms and requirements. This in itself is sometimes very difficult for players and they may end up losing out on a majority of their winnings, but unfortunately this is the way every online gambling site operates!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice makes perfect on most occasions. However we can't promise you that this rule works perfectly with progressive jackpots for example. The reason being is, this game operates on chance  and no amount of practice will ever guarantee you hitting the jackpot that arises from these game networks.

What we do mean by practice is, always make sure you are up to date with the technical traits of gameplay. Certain games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat etc. will require you to know the rules and playing executions, in addition to the different betting schemes that these games have to offer. Making sure you practice these games on the demo version/free play will definitely give you the upperhand by ensuring you know how to bet according to the situation of the game. Also betting with flair and technique raises the chance of reducing the house edge overall, putting you at a further advantage when you play!

It is always better to know the game rules back to front, to limit risking your money. It really would be completely pointless going into a game without the right experience – you don't want to go in blind.

Play And Have Fun!

You can't expect that as soon as you create an account, perfect your game rules and mindset that you will be an instant winner, unfortunately it doesn't really work like that. What you do need to understand is, gaming on casinos first and foremost needs to be entirely for fun and enjoyment – a past time if you will. When you know that you won't win all the time, enjoying the process will take you further and allow you to make the right decisions when you need to make them.

Knowing when to pull the plug on all the gaming is a key factor when you do decide to gamble. Sometimes the odds will not be in your favour, meaning you will lose more than you initially anticipated. Making the right decision to stop before matters could get worse is what you would call a responsible gambler. Do not be that person who lets their ego and mood contribute to losing even more money! Set a budget and stick to it and you will most definitely thank us later, that is for sure.

The Best Games for Beginners

When selecting the best game to start your gaming journey on, the best genre for most people hands down, is the slots empire! The reasons for this are vast; there is not just one reason as to why players should like to entertain themselves with slot sites. They are primarily very simple and easy to pick up. Everything can be automated when you play, meaning the auto-spin can keep your gameplay continuing with minimal effort!

The best thing about slot machines and new slot sites is that you can win many cash payouts from minimal bets. Of course, when you bet inside the game, there is no guarantee for a win and most of the time you will need to play multiple times to secure a return on what you have wagered. Yet, this is all a part of the fun and the experience.

Progressive jackpots are all the rage when it comes to slot machine gaming. These progressive game networks operate on a timer, meaning if you are at the right place in the right time, you can win a seven figure number and become an overnight millionaire! There is not much you can do wrong other than sit back and enjoy when entering into the world of slots.

Slots do come in different genres and types, meaning you can play what suits you best and your preferences. You have from the following to select from:

  • Classical slots, usually characterised as the 3-reel old school type
  • Video slots, typically known to have 5-reel structures with themes that are based on fantasy, movies and TV shows. The bonus features available are huge and broad.
  • 3D slots are very similar to video slots, with technical features being top of the current software trends.

Other games that you can acquaint yourself with include scratch cards, roulette, Lotto, Keno, blackjack and many more depending on the site that you play at for all your gaming opportunities.

Playing technical games like blackjack or roulette, do require understanding and more flair in your gaming approach. Make sure you understand the betting difference, and that some bets are better to start on as a beginner i.e. outside bets in roulette. Always select a variation that has a higher RTP than others, to give you the best head start possible when you decide to play. Playing demos will always kick start you off in a good place. You will be at no risk at all, as the game is completely free and will really help you come to grasp the different playing styles available in the variation of game that you select.

Start Playing with Bonuses

Playing with bonuses will always give you a head start when you decide to play and gambling. Welcome bonuses that are available upon newly registering with a site, will ensure that you are playing with a higher bankroll and you can even opt for more max betting approaches, which are said to increase your betting chances considerably.

There are also opportunities to land no deposit bonuses, where online casinos will award you some complimentary free bonus spins or cash fund amounts to play with, for absolutely nothing! Of course you will have a wagering requirement to consider to play alongside with, but it's a great way to start, without you investing a dime of your money in the process. Have a look at offers within our site to try out a selection of new casino sites for all the latest welcome bonus offers!

Frequently Asked Questions for Beginners

You are sure to have many questions as you approach the next step of your gaming adventure. We thought it may be useful to have and FAQ with answers that you can refer back to, should you ever need further assistance when playing and setting up a fully working account within your choice of site. Read down below for all our hot topics with their appropriate answers.

How do beginners gamble?

Beginners gamble by first selecting the right site based on the research that has been conducted. Research is vital before you even think of committing to one site specifically. The reason for this is, you need to make sure that all the terms/conditions, bonus selections, games and even the customer service is up to scratch for what you need. Not all gambling sites operate in the same manner and therefore it is not a one size meets all!

How do I get better at gambling?

To get better at gambling, you need to practice. Practice really does make perfect! There are many game variations and betting techniques and the best way you can actually experiment and make sure you know what you are doing, is by opting for a freeplay option. There you will be at no risk and can play at your heart's content, until you are happy and content with the skills you have.

What are the best games to play to win money?

The best games to play to help you win the winning amounts you deserve, are the games with a higher return to player (RTP). This will not immediately ensure that you win everytime, but statistically over measured periods of time, the games with a higher RTP, were known to award players more of what they wagered and beyond when they played the game. These are important checks to view before you even consider putting any money into a game. A game with an RTP of 96% and higher, is considered as moderately high and above the average on casinos.

Are there any tricks and hacks to consider when playing slot games?

There is no hack to playing slot games for a guaranteed win as all games operate on a Random Number Generator, meaning games are not won by your efforts and game precision. However it has been said by multiple casino specialist, players that invest larger bets or maximum bets, have a higher chance of winning the game overall as more paylines are occupied with a wager, meaning you are bound to activate some with a winning combination!